AdOne Joint Stock Company launching ceremony

AdOne was established from a strong foundation of FPT AdTrue and OneSoft studio, which will unlock lots of new potential in Mobile Game industry.

Gardenscapes grows past $3 billion globally player spending

Gardenscapes from Playrix has shown its attraction to players all over the world since the beginning of 2016.

Esports industry growth underestimated will exceed $2.5 billion in 2022

Mobile Game will be the future of Esports Industry Growth. Diversified Demographics leads to the greater purchasing power.

AdOne establishment – A joint venture of FPT AdTrue and OneSoft Studio

AdOne Joint Stock Company was officially established as a joint venture company between FPT AdTrue and OneSoft, bring services for mobile games.

How to create an effective Cross-Channel Marketing strategy

Everything is changing and so is Marketing, marketers are now switching to cross channel marketing instead of multi-channel marketing.

OneSoft’s arcade shooting games – The hits in the charts

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Benefits of an Ad Mediation

What is an Ad Mediation and how does it work? Let’s find out about all benefits that an Ad Mediation brings to publishers.

Vietnam – One of world’s most dynamic gaming markets

Southeast Asia is a major region for mobile gaming growth, in which Vietnam stands in the top with studios like OneSoft, Amanotes.

Why are Hyper-casual games at the top of free games chart?

Find out about hyper-casual games, what defines the heat of this game and the reason why hyper-casual games stay on top in this moment.