Vietnam Hyper-casual Game Contest 2022

The first hyper-casual game competition for FPT students has appeared.

How to find the next idea for hyper casual games?

Ideas come around us in every aspect of life. When you found a potential idea which means you have gone half of the way to success.

5 Reasons Game Devs Should Start Making Hyper-casual Games

The popularity of hypercasual games continues to grow in the global mobile market. Here are some reasons why developers should join this market right now.

Zynga and Rollic acquire Berlin-based mobile game studio NanoTribe

Zynga Inc. (Nasdaq: ZNGA) announced the acquisition of Berlin-based mobile game studio NanoTribe

Wildlife Studios launches a new affiliated studio Playabit

Wildlife Studios announced that it is opening a new affiliated studio, called Playabit.

Way To Win The Marketability Test

Reasons behind failing marketability test challenge among hypercasual game development and how to improve them.

Arcade Idle – A New Trend In Hyper-casual Genre

Arcade Idle is among the top subcategories that developers are interested in within 2022. Find out more information about it.

Microsoft Purchases Scandal-Tainted Activision For The Biggest Tech Deal Ever

Microsoft sets record for biggest tech deal ever with Activision Blizzard, topping Dell-EMC merger in 2016.

Take -Two to acquire top mobile game publiser Zynga for $12.7B

Take-Two Interactive has announced the new combination with giant mobile gaming Zynga in a deal of $12.7B this year

Free test game idea in 24 hours

Free test hyper-casual game idea with feedback in only 24 hours.

Chinese gaming business crisis: Freeze on new video game licenses

About 14.000 Chinese gaming-related firms went out of business due to suspension of new game licences.

VOODOO launches games on Facebook Gaming

Voodoo has revealed a partnership with Facebook Gaming to bring hyper-casual games on this large audience platform.