Generative AI application in game development | Game blog #4

For many years, artificial intelligence (AI) has been a key component of video game development. In procedurally generated games (like roguelikes), AI is typically employed to produce in-game behavior in non-player characters (NPCs) or new landscapes. However, generative AI is…

Tips on successful mobile game onboarding | Game blog #3

As hybrid-casuals are on the rise, mobile games become more complex and onboarding UX gains more recognition as a crucial process in engaging and retaining players. Afterall, making a great first impression will present your game more appropriately, and boost…

Hybrid monetization: The growing trend | Game Blog #2

  Introduction to Hybrid monetization What is hybrid monetization? This is still a novel concept as it has surfaced only in recent years. Still, hybrid monetization has gradually become more popular and prevailed over other forms of monetization in the…

Top Hybrid-casual meta layers | Game Blog #1

In order to optimize player experience, Hybrid-casual games often combine many “spice” elements to make the game more interesting, among them are meta layers.   The meta layers are used to produce long-term motivation, which build on the core gameplay,…

What are Hyper-casual games?

  Unlike other mobile games, which can take months to produce, conceptualize, and prototype, Hypercasual games can be launched into the market within a short period of time.    Hypercasual games are mobile games that are instantly playable and lightweight… The condition of mobile gaming during the economic downturn

In its report titled “Identify the Mobile Apps and Categories Defying the Economic Slump,” emphasizes mobile applications during the economic downturn. The most spent apps continue to be mobile games. The mobile app industry is not immune to inflation,…

Hyper-casual games will be heavily affected by this new Google Play policy update.

The new policy update will address intrusive ads, alarms, VPNs, and the impersonation of brands and other apps.     Google is making significant changes to its advertising policy in order to improve the user experience on mobile apps and…

The Hyper-casual Game and its attraction to all mobile game players and developers

The hyper-casual game genre continues to show its developing potential in the mobile game market in recent years

How to find the next idea for hyper casual games?

Ideas come around us in every aspect of life. When you found a potential idea which means you have gone half of the way to success.

5 Reasons Game Devs Should Start Making Hyper-casual Games

The popularity of hypercasual games continues to grow in the global mobile market. Here are some reasons why developers should join this market right now.

Way To Win The Marketability Test

Reasons behind failing marketability test challenge among hypercasual game development and how to improve them.

Arcade Idle – A New Trend In Hyper-casual Genre

Arcade Idle is among the top subcategories that developers are interested in within 2022. Find out more information about it.