AdOne – Year Journey: A Throwback in Time

AdOne celebrated our first birthday just a week ago. And let’s say a year at AdOne is everything but ordinary. So here is a short recap of everything AdOne has achieved over the year. Organizational structure In just 6 months,…

Hyper-casual games will be heavily affected by this new Google Play policy update.

The new policy update will address intrusive ads, alarms, VPNs, and the impersonation of brands and other apps.     Google is making significant changes to its advertising policy in order to improve the user experience on mobile apps and…

The Hyper-casual Game and its attraction to all mobile game players and developers

The hyper-casual game genre continues to show its developing potential in the mobile game market in recent years

Vietnam Hyper-casual Game Contest 2022

The first hyper-casual game competition for FPT students has appeared.

Zynga and Rollic acquire Berlin-based mobile game studio NanoTribe

Zynga Inc. (Nasdaq: ZNGA) announced the acquisition of Berlin-based mobile game studio NanoTribe

Wildlife Studios launches a new affiliated studio Playabit

Wildlife Studios announced that it is opening a new affiliated studio, called Playabit.

Gordon Ramsay: Chance to get a trip to Las Vegas

Gordon Ramsay: Chef Blast is giving away an all-expense-paid trip to Las Vegas in an in-game cooking competition.

Mobile game metrics that developers shouldn’t forget

There is a number of mobile game metrics that developers need to focus on the way of making your products into hits.

How to enhance the first time user experience

The make-or-break point for mobile games often relies on a user’s first experience once loading a game.

Rovio opens new studio in Canada

The leading game studio – Rovio will open a new studio in Canada in the near future.