AdOne – Year Journey: A Throwback in Time

Oct 25, 2022

AdOne celebrated our first birthday just a week ago. And let’s say a year at AdOne is everything but ordinary. So here is a short recap of everything AdOne has achieved over the year.

Organizational structure

In just 6 months, AdOne’s workforce has increased by over 300%. Starting from just 20 employees, the AdOne team now has 60 employees working full-time in all departments. With our current workload, the number might not stop there.

Along with the expansion of human resources, AdOne renovated our office and expanded it into a 700m2 floor space. We envisioned designing the AdOne office as an open, continual space where colleagues can freely communicate and work together without feeling isolated by significant boundaries.


This year, the AdOne team has reached a memorable milestone – our first 10 million downloads on Google Play and Appstore for the game we have published.

Notably, there is GrabPack Playtime Blue Monster which reached 5 million downloads, and 2 other games named Merge Super – Monster Fight and Merge Dinosaur – Fusion Master. Each reached 1 million downloads. Merge Super-Monster Fight, and GrabPack Playtime Blue also reached the Top 5 of the US Chart.


Our team has attended many major gaming industry conferences to open up extensive partnerships and immensely enjoyed this year. But the most significant must be being one of the leading enterprises committed to creating jobs for Unity game programming students by FPT Aptech.

Other honorable mentions are:
Being the gold sponsor and speaker multiple times at Hyper Casual Game Conference – the biggest event in the gaming industry.
Participate in Vietnam Hyper-casual Game Contest 2022 with 12 impressive products in terms of ideas and programming skills.
Host the event “Testing Games for Partners in 24 Hours” with hundreds of products tested in 24 hours since receiving the demo or gameplay video
Successfully organizing webinars to share market and expertise to help partners gain more market knowledge, thereby contributing to the creation of quality games.


After one year of building connections, AdOne has connected and become an important partner with many networks in the gaming industry. We now have partnerships with over 50 large and small game teams in Vietnam and across the continent.

What an eventful year we have had! And AdOne couldn’t have done it without the supportive hyper-gamers community standing alongside us. Thank you for a great past year and a greater future ahead. We’ll see you next year with another (hopefully longer) recap.