Way To Win The Marketability Test

Jan 28, 2022

Failing marketability test usually happens when games can’t reach expected benchmarks related to several elements. One of the most common metrics is CPI.

Here are some reasons behind this challenge that can support developers to decrease the testing failure ratio and quickly realize the marketability potential of their games.

1. The marketability test video

The first reason behind a high CPI number is marketability test video design. A video is created by several elements, some of them are easy to test and adjust to win the test from the first time.

Video format: Video needs to be the right format for the testing platform to get the best resolution. Designing a good marketability test video will engage a lot of users, which leads to a low CPI. Nowadays, Facebook and TikTok have shared publicly their specifications for videos that developers should take into account.

Video design: Besides having a video adapting to the platform’s requirements, developers should also think about ways to gain user attention. How?

  • Highlighting interesting parts of gameplay, mechanics right first 5s. Users will be interested in your video and continue to watch it till the end, leading to lower CPI.
  • Creating bright contrast colors in games. Remember to use bright contrast colors between key elements including characters and the environment, ensuring gameplay is easy to understand.
  • Start gameplay immediately. Many test videos show that if you start gameplay at the beginning of the video, you have chances to win the marketability test by attracting users better and decreasing the CPI.

Gameplay: The key to own a successful game always is gameplay. Catchy gameplay along with perfect video design help you pass the test. There are several sources to find great ideas including social, internet trends, successfully published games, etc.

2. The approach

The approach of developers is highly important due to the success of a game. Be willing to try different ways to improve with each iteration, spend time on market research, communicate openly with publishers to find better solutions.


The fact is that sometimes your game will still have a very high CPI, remember to consider other metrics such as APPU, retention, playtime, etc. If high CPI still remains regardless of all the good elements mentioned above, it’s time to move to another prototype.

Varied publishers have different goals and benchmarks that we need to understand and find a suitable one to cooperate with.