How to find the next idea for hyper casual games?

Feb 24, 2022

Ideas come around us in every aspect of life. You can be inspired by daily activities, phenomena, social media, etc. Finding concepts is considered one of the most challenging stages with developers. When you found a potential idea which means you have gone half of the way to success. This blog will show you some typical methods used by famous developers to find a suitable idea for your next prototype.

1. Social media

Nowadays, social media channels such as Facebook, Tiktok, etc., become one of the people’s lives with several benefits categorized based on users’ interests. Every day we can easily find millions of view videos on these platforms and that’s the first step to choosing a profitable idea for your prototype. Why? The truth is, when a video gained many views, it showed that many people enjoyed the content. And when you publish a game with this content, they will be open to your game and give it a try. 

An example of this method, you can take a look at Park Marks (Supersonics). There was a TikTok video of the “Line marking” trend that achieved over 47 million views that we then turned into the game Park Marks.


#linepainting #linemarking #roadpainting #roadmarking #linemarker #paint #roadpaint #thermoplastic #dissabled #logo #carpark #parkinglot

♬ original sound – Keaton


#parkmarks #tiktokgame #hypercasualgames

♬ ハッピーニューイヤー – CHOPSTICKS


2. Top chart games

If you get stuck in picking and creating a new idea for your game, there’s another way to get into this vibrant market. Let’s take a look at the charts and find out which games are on top, analyzing them to see what you can use for your new game. It could be core mechanics, gameplays, themes that have gained a lot of attraction by players. This method can shorten your way to build a game but it also challenges you to create a more attractive one than the previous versions. 

An example of this method, you can take a look at Move People (Make ‘Em), Pau Rau Studio

“While tracking the games in the top hyper-casual charts, I saw there was a trend for maneuvering characters’ limbs into certain positions. I had the idea to apply this trend to a face morph game and expanding on this, I thought that players could maneuver the full body instead of just the face – this created more options for gameplay.” 

3. Previously published games

You have your previously successful game and want to use something from it for the next game? Try it out with publisher’s consultancies. That will be useful to combine several existing elements for the next idea. Take some tests to know its potential.

These are the top 3 typical ways that many successful hyper-casual developers are using now for their products. Another note here is to make much research as possible to know the market’s interest. This is a fast and vibrant market, we shouldn’t take too much time for an idea without any good clear result.