Tips on successful mobile game onboarding | Game blog #3

Jun 26, 2023

As hybrid-casuals are on the rise, mobile games become more complex and onboarding UX gains more recognition as a crucial process in engaging and retaining players. Afterall, making a great first impression will present your game more appropriately, and boost its attractiveness to new gamers. 


Is Onboarding UX critical for mobile game players?

A strong onboarding user experience (referred to as onboarding UX) is essential during the user acquisition process as it helps players understand the fundamentals of the game. You must remember this concept “F2P = F2L”, meaning Free to Play equals Free to Leave. Thus, the experience should be straightforward and immediate, through engaging tutorials and content.


5 Tips for player onboarding UX

Discover effective tips for successful mobile game onboarding. Engage and retain players with these valuable insights.


1. Keep it simple

Keep the initial onboarding process and UI minimal and intuitive. Avoid overwhelming new players with too much information or complex mechanics. Let players get started as soon as possible with a frictionless onboarding experience.


2. Visual and audio cues

Highlight important elements, display tooltips, or use sound effects to signify achievements or progress. These cues enhance the understanding of gameplay mechanics and make the onboarding progress more engaging.


3. Interactive tutorials

Incorporate interactive guides that show the gameplay. Make sure players understand what to do and how to play. Additionally, avoid deaths during the first level and encourage players to actively participate and practice the game’s core actions.


4. Onboarding rewards

Offer rewards and incentives during the onboarding process to motivate players. These can include unlocking new content, providing in-game currency, or offering special bonuses. Rewards create a positive reinforcement loop and encourage players to continue exploring the game.


5. Gradual progression

Introduce new features, challenges, and game mechanics gradually as players progress. This allows players to become familiar with the game’s mechanics over time.


Remember, a successful onboarding experience sets the foundation for long-term player engagement. By focusing on simplicity, clarity, interactivity, and gradual progression, you can create an onboarding process that captivates new players and keeps them coming back for more, with lower production cost.