Top Hybrid-casual meta layers | Game Blog #1

Jun 15, 2023

In order to optimize player experience, Hybrid-casual games often combine many “spice” elements to make the game more interesting, among them are meta layers.


The meta layers are used to produce long-term motivation, which build on the core gameplay, promote evolution and add engagement to the game.


Some popular meta layers:

– Narrative

– Decoration

– Social

– Collection

– Upgrade

– Customization

– Special modes


1. Narrative stories

In the vast landscape of video games, captivating storytelling has become an integral component that can elevate a game from good to exceptional. When players become emotionally invested in a game’s narrative, they are more likely to form a strong attachment to the game itself. A well-crafted narrative adds a layer of depth to the game, however, poses many challenges for developers to differentiate their game apart from the rest.


2. Decoration

The ability to continuously decorate their in-game-characters or house can often feel rewarding, as they are allowed to express their creativity and individuality. Players can unleash their artistic prowess, providing a sense of personalization and ownership that goes beyond mere gameplay.


3. Social

The social meta layer gives players the opportunity to play together, through guild systems, dual-player modes, or live events. They can connect and interact with one another, fostering a sense of community.


4. Collection

In collection systems, players can collect characters/heroes, skins, resources, or even in-game achievements. To acquire these, they can get indulged in quests, conquer challenges or dungeons, etc, which can fuel progression and unlock new in-game possibilities.


5. Upgrade

Upgrading elements can include things like equipment, character’s skill or appearance, or other aspects such as buildings, decorative items, etc. This can enhance their overall gameplay experience, as players upgrade new dimensions of power, aesthetics, and functionality.


6. Customization

Players can customize their in-game-aesthetics (theme, colors, character’s skins), allowing them to be as unique as they imagine. Creating a visually stunning environment draws players deeper into the gaming world.


7. Special modes

Special modes could mean the introduction of limited-time playing modes, events, characters, etc, often themed around specific seasons or holidays. This adds and extra layer of excitement and variety to the gameplay experience.


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