Hybrid monetization: The growing trend | Game Blog #2

Jun 20, 2023


Introduction to Hybrid monetization

What is hybrid monetization? This is still a novel concept as it has surfaced only in recent years. Still, hybrid monetization has gradually become more popular and prevailed over other forms of monetization in the mobile game development process.


In general, in order to maximize profits, publishers and game studios will choose a hybrid monetization model that combines the following methods of in-game monetization:

📣 In-app ads (IAA)

– Interstitial ads

– Rewarded ads


🛒 In-app purchases (IAP)

– Product item

– Subscription


Some of the most popular mobile games that have successfully adapted hybrid monetization models are Archero, Clash Royale, Candy Crush Saga, Angry Bird,…


Utilizing Hybrid monetization

First, before implementing a hybrid monetization model, we must first pay attention to the in-game financial economy, in order to create a balanced and engaging experience for players (i.e. virtual currency, purchasing options, marketplace). 


Then, game developers must also provide players with a range of choices for their spending preferences, such as earning higher in-game rewards or making additional purchases. This not only helps players progress more efficiently and get that sense of achievement, these strategies also help generate revenue for the game.


Hybrid monetization further aids in monetizing more players, as they expand your scope of users to a broader audience. Combining multiple methods of monetization and blending them together within a single game will create a diversified income stream. 


The future of Hybrid monetization

As the mobile ad industry changes, so will monetization techniques. New hybrids will enter the scene as developers continue to test what players and users respond positively to.


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