Among Us 2021 – All you need to know about updated version

Nov 22, 2021

The latest major update for Among Us – version 2021.11.09 – just launched and is out now on all platforms! The Role & Cosmicube update features adjustable Roles, an all-new store, and a progression system!

The game that took the world by storm during quarantine is back again with brand new updates. Innersloth just released a five-minute trailer about the update, and it brought a new surge of excitement to both new and old players alike. The new features include roles, cosmetics and a paid store to buy character items.

New Roles

Crewmates now have the following new roles:

  • Scientist – Has access to vials and, when used correctly, can identify suspicious activity on the map. However, this skill is recharged-based, and the player will have to complete tasks to be able to use it.
  • Engineer – Can transport through vents. It’s a convenient tool to get away from Imposters as well as hide and spy on them. However, they will also be answerable to the panel and will have to prove that they aren’t the Imposter.
  • Guardian Angel – Once dead, they can protect a specific crew member. if used correctly, the alive player will be able to identify the killer and vote them out.

Imposters have one additional role:

  • Shapeshifter – can morph into another Crewmate for a brief time. This is an extremely useful skill as it can easily cause widespread confusion making crewmates suspicious of each other. The catch is, the transformation is temporary and if a player catches them while transforming, it’s a clear death sentence.

New features

  • Achievements – A long-requested and much-awaited feature, achievements of varying degrees will finally be awarded to players. These achievements range from tracking your progress to the number of victories per map.
  • Account Linking – Players can now link their accounts across different devices and be able to transfer their in-game cosmetics.
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Cosmicubes and new in-game cosmetics

  • Beans – Beans can be used to redeem cosmetics and Cosmicubes from the in-game store. You can receive beans through normal gameplay.
  • Stars – Stars can only be purchased with real money and can be used to buy special items and Cosmicubes.
  • Pods – these can be collected if the player has an active Cosmicube and their contents are tied to particular Pods.
  • XP – Your playtime directly contributes to your XP, which can be used to level up a character. With each new level, you can receive beans and pods.